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StratixIII/IV 1517 FPGA Module

The StratixIII/IV 1517 Module contains a 1517 pin Altera StratixIII or StratixIV FPGA. In this package three different StratixIII and four different StratixIV devices are available. The StratixIII/IV 1517 module can be used with all seven devices.

The StratixIII/IV1517N has the following features:

  • One of three different StratixIII FPGA can be assembled on the module
    • EP3SL200F1517
    • EP3SE260F1517
    • EP3SL340F1517
  • Alternatively one of four StratixIV FPGA can be assembled on the module
    • EP4SE290H1517
    • EP4SE360H1517
    • EP4SE530H1517
    • EP4SE820H1517
  • Power
    • Single 12V supply needed (max. supply requirement 7 Ampere)
    • 10 Ampere on-board 0.9/1.1V core voltage switch regulator (0.85V - 1.3V)
    • 6 Ampere variable voltage switch regulator (0.85V - 3.35V)
    • 6 Ampere on-board 3.1/3.3V IO voltage switch regulator (2.8 - 3.35V)
    • 6 Ampere on-board 2.5V switch regulator (2.3V - 2.7V)
    • 6 Ampere on-board 5.0V switch regulator
    • Battery for none volatile AES key
  • Temperature controlled fan
    • Fan switches ON at FPGA die temperature >60C
    • Over temperature warning LED for die temperatures >75C
    • Optional supply shut down at a die temperature >90C
  • Configuration
    • “JTAG IN” connector
    • Easy JTAG configuration
    • EPCS128/256 configuration FLASH
    • AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) support (both methods)
    • Configuration failure LED
  • Clock
    • 16 SSMB connectors for clock input
    • 6 SSMB connectors for clock feedback and output
    • Variable clock generator (1-10MHz)
    • Crystal oscillators (50MHz and 54MHz)
  • IO
    • Up to 924 IOs available on Samtec connectors
    • Five LEDs for free use (red, yellow, green, blue and white)
    • Two 7-segment display
  • Reset button

All power supplies needed by the StratixIII module are generated on board from the 12V supply. The 12V supply is taken from the Samtec connectors or from the 12V power plug. The on board generated supplies can be also provided to the Samtec connectors to supply other boards (max. 1A per supply).

Proven design: More than 500 of this module are running in the field!
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Bottom view without fan and heat sinks:

StratixIII/IV Bottom View wo Fan

Top view:

StratixIII/IV 1517 Top View

Bottom view fan and heat sinks:

StratixIII/IV 1517 Bottom View with fan and heat sink