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LED Modules

Even modern FPGA have logic analyzer capabilities, like the Signal Tap™ feature of Altera or Chip Scope™ of Xilinx, it is sometimes necessary to have an easy indication of logic states, register contents or clock availability.

For this reason a LED module is a nice tool. With “one look” it can be seen if signals are toggling, required signals are high or low. Due to the different pitches of the edge and mid Samtec connector it is necessary to have two different LED modules.

The LED modules are for a single bank of the Samtec connectors. Hence four LED60 modules are necessary to visualize a complete edge connector and three LED40 modules are necessary for a complete mid connector.

Status: available for ordering
More information or price:

LED60 (for edge Samtec connector):

LED60 Module

LED40 (for mid Samtec connector):

LED40 Module