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Purpose of TestAndTrace is to provide a platform that is capable to test the robustness of Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) devices.

TestAndTrace-SPI is able to create any sequence on the SPI wires either digital  or analog. In addition it is capable to trace all SPI signals that means its can trace its own generated signals and the feedback of the device under test (DUT).

Target Applications:

  • Verification and validation of SPI slave devices
  • Timing and Voltage characterization
  • Device robustness tests (timing, voltage and protocol)
  • Regression test 

Hardware Features:

  • 1.2V to 5.5V IO operation
  • Up to 100Mbit SPI communication
  • 2.5ns timing resolution (update to 2ns planned)
  • Simultaneous testing and tracing
  • Digital and analog stimulation of the four SPI signals (10ns resolution)
  • Control of all timing parameters
  • Outputs configurable as Push-Pull, Open-Drain or Open-Source
  • Free waveform control (analog mode)
  • Main supply switch for customer SPI board (max. 12V/1A)
  • Digital and analog tracing of the four SPI signals
  • All send and received information can be recorded including supply state, trigger connectors, …
  • Recording with time stamps at maximum timing resolution
  • USB 2.0 HighSpeed interface for easy control from PC
  • Altera StratixIV GX FPGA for high performance and highest flexibility
  • 512MB of DDR3 memory
  • Two trigger connectors (in and out)
  • Measure connector for regular scope

Software Features:

  • DLL to control most of the hardware features
  • Full support of all digital hardware features (analog features are planned)
  • Control from signal level up to messages
  • Creation of timing true Bitmaps from captured data
  • Programmers guide available
  • Example program available
  • More under development…

Proven design: First boxes are running at a major semiconductors company.
prototypes available for ordering
Data sheet: download here...
EC declaration for version 1.2: download here...
ROHS declaration for version 1.2: download here...
More information or price:

TestAndTrace SPI

TestAndTrace SPI front view

TestAndTrace SPI back view