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FPGA Prototyping

The ASCOT GmbH Prototyping System is a FPGA based Prototyping System.

The key features of this system are:

Due to this modularization a customer can simply tailor his system to the required needs without buying a system with a lot of not needed peripherals. The modularization makes it is also possible to connect as many as needed FPGA and Peripheral Modules together. This makes it easy to adapt the prototyping system to different application areas.

In case the size or feature set of a FPGA or Peripheral Module is not sufficient anymore the system can be easily extended with additional modules or they can be replaced with other. Even modules located in the middle of the system can be easily replaced. To do so, it is not necessary to dismount the complete system.

When a project is done, the modules can be reused and newly combined. It is even possible to make from e.g. a prototype system with 6 FPGA Modules two smaller systems with 4 and 2 FPGA or any other combination.

The ASCOT GmbH Prototyping System allows connecting FPGA Modules of different types, families and different vendors like Altera and Xilinx together. Modules can be connected in a flexible way together. This allows creation of 200 up to 1224 IO connections between two modules. This means two FPGA Modules can be connected such that they have up to 1224 IO connections between each other.

The ASCOT GmbH Prototyping System has four basic elements:

The FPGA Modules are the main elements of the prototyping system. On these modules the customer can run his HDL designs.

The Peripheral Modules extend the prototyping system with capabilities an FPGA typically does not have. Examples for peripheral modules are memory modules, AD or DA converter modules, tuner modules, TV interface modules with HDMI, DVI, VGA, ...

Module-Module Connectors are the binding element between different modules. They are also a kind of module, but with the dedicated purpose to connect two FPGA or Peripheral Modules together. Various types are available to give the user a high flexibility in creating IO connections. Also Module-Module Connectors are available to connect the ASCOT GmbH Prototyping System with boards of other prototype systems and standards.

Mounting Frames are the elements making the prototype system portable. All modules of the ASCOT GmbH Prototyping System have mounting holes, which allow the user to screw the individual modules of his prototyping system on a frame. Standard frames are available, but also special dimensions can be easily made.

The following picture shows the typical modules: