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ASCOT GmbH sponsors „Aktion Mensch“ mehr...


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PCB Layout

We route your circuit with respect to common EMC requirements with our layout systems:

After the component placement we can depending on your requirements create the layout automatically or manually. We take special attention for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). To do so we develop a layer stack for you, which is cost efficient, but which also fulfills your other need. To do so we can for example implement embedded power planes or shield layers. We can design the PCB with standard wired as well as with SMD, fine-pitch or embedded components.

We can use our comprehensive component library or we create a customized library for you. The Gerber output data for the PCB production can be created for various plotter.

The development of your layout is done in close cooperation with your engineers and developer to meet optimal your requirements. For this we will verify all your requirements and align possible optimization with you.

We need form you:

We deliver you: